Sina Pahlevan

CEO, Co-Founder, Acquisitions/Brand Strategist

My name is Sina Pahlevan. I graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor's in English and a minor in marketing. I was a freelance writer for Sin City Sports Mockery for two years. I also worked for the fastest growing E-Sports team in the nation in XTRA Gaming, by running the XTRA Athletics page. Content creation and brand strategy come natural to me. I also specialize in all forms of digital marketing, across any platform. I also host The Talk2Much Podcast. My only goal in working in this industry is to help people achieve their goals.

My skills include: graphic design, website design, video editing, podcasting, copywriting, analytics & acquisitions.

Tyler Hallmann

COO, Co-Founder, and Head of Sales

Tyler has a vast history working with high-profile clients. Since moving to Las Vegas, he has worked in the Sponsorship division for multiple industry-leading companies. He spent his first few years working with Las Vegas Events, personally handling the sponsors of the National Finals Rodeo, Mountain West and Pac-12 Basketball Championships. His most recent venture, he worked at T-Mobile Arena successfully growing the corporate partnerships with T-Mobile, Cox Communications, City National Bank, Anheuser-Busch, Toshiba, and many more. Tyler is excited to continue helping companies grow through strategic marketing tactics. He has a dying passion for consumer behavior marketing, and uses those philosophies to help businesses stand out from the crowd. He continues to spend countless hours developing skillsets in the digital advertising field, knowing how important these are for the modern-day marketer.